Human-Inspired Robotics Lab

Zhi (Jane) Li (

Jun 28th, 2017

RBE 550 – Motion Planning


Zhi Jane Li

Office: 85 Prescott 223C

Email: zli11 [at]

Time & Location: Wed & Friday, 12:00-1:20pm at OH126

Office Hour: Wednesday, 2:00-3:00pm at Instructor’s office

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This course covers motion planning algorithms and their applications on mobile robots and manipulator robots (arms and hands). Topics include search algorithms, combinatorial and sampled based motion planning methods, manipulation and grasping planning, and path planning with non-holonomic constraints. It also addresses the motion planning problems that involve uncertainty and human-robot interaction. Students will work on individual assignments that involve research paper review and implementation of motion planning algorithms in Matlab and Python, and work team projects on a tele-nursing manipulator mobile robot using python and C/C++.


Undergraduate Linear Algebra, kinematics and dynamics in robotics, experience with 3D geometry, and programming experience in Matlab, python and C/C++ in ROS framework.


Course Syllabus:

Course schedule:


  1. In-Class Participation and Preparation 10%
  2. Quizzes 15%
  3. Assignments 40%
  4. Course project 35%

Lecture Slides:

  1. Introduction to Course
  2. Introduction to Course Projects
  3. Path Planning for Point Robots
  4. Potential Field
  5. TRINA Workshop
  6. Configuration Space
  7. Discrete Planning
  8. Advance Discrete Planning 01
  9. Advance Discrete Planning 02
  10. SamplingBased Planning 01
  11. SamplingBased Planning 02
  12. SamplingBased Planning 03
  13. Collision Detection
  14. Non-holonomic Planning
  15. Manipulation planning
  16. Advanced Topics on Redundancy
  17. Macro-Micro Manipulators
  18. Mobile Manipulators
  19. Loco-Manipulation
  20. Grasping


The instructor reserves the right to modify the course outline and policies mentioned in this syllabus at any time during the term.