Physics is taught by Mrs. Chase, who is new to MAMS. It aligns with both the AP Physics 1: Algebra based or AP Physics B: Motion curriculum. Students are allowed to choose which problems to do and which exam to take based on previous math ability! We are currently working on the physics of gravity as well as constant acceleration.

Quantifying Motion Lab

In this lab, we observed a battery operated and non battery operated car sliding down a low friction incline. We needed to measure the speed of the car and determine if it was moving at a constant velocity or if it was accelerating. We used a claim, evidence, reasoning (CER) format to justify our claims and then included any graphs, calculations, or observations we used.

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Dynamics Lab

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In this lab we were allowed to choose a hypothesis related to dynamics to test. I measured the coefficient of friction between an object and the ground would vary depending on the normal force (weight) of the object. I tested this by dragging a wood block by a string connected to a force center at a constant speed. I measured the force and noted it and then added a weight to the wood block and tried again. I continued this process until I had used all of the weights. I used force calculations to determine the coefficient of friction for each of the tests and then graphed the data. As hypothesized, the normal force of the object does not change the coefficient of friction, but it does change the force needed to pull the object.