Community Service

Community service is central to Mass Academy's mission. Serving our communities and helping in high-needs areas is not only a graduation requirement but also an incredible opportunity to interact with and aid the people around us.

Tatnuck Magnet School

I volunteered for the Tatnuck Magnet School's STEM day event in October 2022. I organized an activity for third and fifth graders that taught them about mirrors, angles of reflection, and the behaviors of light. The activity was a mirror maze using a flashlight, where students had to guide the beam around obstacles and to a target using just five mirrors.

Virtual Information Session

Every year, Mass Academy holds an information session for students and families interested in applying for the academy. Getting insight and answers from real MAMS students is a big help to families and students when they are deciding if MAMS is right for them. At this information session, I got to talk about my experiences working in the lab during STEM I, the overall environment of the school, and more!

Wachusett Earth Day Inc. Recycling Center

The Wachusett Recycling Center is a vital community resource open to all people in the Worcester area. Individuals can drop off hard-to-recycle items like styrofoam and refrigerators. Unused appliances, instruments, utensils and plates, craft materials, books, and more are donated at the recycling center and can be bought or sometimes picked up for free. The recycling center is an important place that prevents waste, facilitates shopping ethically and second-hand, and more. I volunteer here moving recycled materials out of people's cars, checking people in to the shopping building, greeting customers, and more.