French is taught by Madame Wildfong. The Advanced French course is completely immersive, meaning students are not allowed to speak any English during class time and are expected to look up any unknown words and fill knowledge gaps on their own!

Fairy Tale

During A term, our French class read La Belle et La Bête, the original French version of the popular Fairy Tale The Beauty and the Beast. After finishing this tale, we each had to write our own original fairy tales in French. I wrote my fairy tale about a diver that falls in love with a merman and gets cursed to live underwater forever. To break this curse she must travel the ocean and find three rare and lost items to use in a battle against the witch. All of this work was written by hand and using the words and tenses learned in class, but if you don't speak French, feel free to use a translator to read.

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French Recipe Presentation

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During B Term, our whole French class had a food celebration. Every person researched and found a French dish (appetizers, meals, and deserts), wrote the recipe in French, made the dish, and brought it to school where everyone had a large meal. Dishes ranged from escargot, to gratin dauphinoise, to rich chocolate mousse. After this celebration, each of us presented our recipes, including photos of the process and the completed dish. The celebration itself was amazing, and it was interesting to see how every student created their dishes.

I made Les Palmiers, or palmier cookies. These cookies originated in France, Algeria, and Austria. They are traditionally eaten with tea or as a breakfast. The cookies I made were simple puff pastry cookies filled with cane sugar, but other countries have other varieties filled with nuts, chocolate, and fruits. My slideshow includes many photos on the steps to create the cookies as well as an original recipe.