Computer Science

Computer Science is taught by Mrs. Taricco. In computer science, we learn how to code using HTML, CSS, and Java. We have many labs, projects, and exercises that we can use to learn, practice, and demonstrate our understanding. My personal favorite assignments involve using the Java draw class, where you can create shapes, lines, and make pictures! Coding this website was a computer science project!

Randomized Stars


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The objective of this assignment was to code a program that would create 20 stars of random sizes at random positions. I also decided to create a color randomizer that would create stars of many different bright colors. As you change the size of your applet window, the stars shift places and change colors.

Line Art

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The objective of this assignment was to create “curves” on the corners of a certain window using only straight lines. I decided to make the lines different colors for each corner so I could keep track of which lines were from where and to make it more colorful!

Apps For Good- Chews New Foods

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Apps for Good is a UK-based company focused on providing computer science education to middle and highschool students. The Apps for Good project is a project where students design an app from scratch that can help the world around them.

For my Apps for Good project, I worked with Shuling and Venkat to design an app meant for picky eaters of all ages. Our app allows them to select foods they like and dislike, and return a brand new food they can try.

My group designed this app because we saw a need for a helpful app for picky eaters of all ages- not just children. Many apps on the market include extra fun like games or point rewards as you try new foods, which can be too immature if you're an adult.

Our MVP or Minimum Viable Product for this app was returning an ingredient that was calculated based on our user's preferences. We were successful in doing so!

We calculated our returned food using Single Value Decomposition or SVD, which turned ingredients and recipes into a matrix and compared how often two ingredients showed up together. We assumed that if two ingredients are put together often, it is likely that a user will enjoy the other if they enjoy one. This logic agreed with by many users during our 2023 Apps For Good Fair. Venkat and Shuling focused mainly on the Java implementation of our app, and I learned the basics of Android XML in order to design our UI. All of the text, background colors, icons, and checkboxes that can be seen on the User Interface part of the poster were the products of meticulous and careful code writing and editing.