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In our language class we can only speak in Spanish. In doing so, it creates an environment that overtime begins to cause you to think in the language, and it prevents you from translating sentences in your head. This teaching style resembles the way that you learned your native language as a child. We spend a lot of time immersing ourselves in the language through reading and listening activities. In the final half of the year we also spent a lot of time working on our foreign language films, which can be located here.

Listening Log

In Spanish everyone must complete a listening log every term. The log must include at least an hour spent every week with two entries regarding some form of Spanish listening. This listening can come in the form of a Spanish podcast, song, movie/show, YouTube video, etc. My B term listening log on the right includes a summary for eighteen episodes from Season 1 and 2 of Cobra Kai, which I listened to in Spanish on Netflix. Ultimately, it is a nice way to expose yourself to the language and practice listening comprehension.

Comida Presentacion

Also, in B term we cooked an original Spanish or Latin American meal. I chose to cook Tamales. Tamales are a well-known Mexican meal. They consist of a corn husk with a corn flour and meat filling. The presentation below has photos and tells you in Spanish how I cooked the tamales. It was an interesting process that required: soaking the corn husks, creating the masa dough, making a chicken and salsa verde filling, folding the tamales, and finally steaming them.