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At Mass Academy it is required that both junior and senior year students complete fifty hours of community service. This creates plenty of engaging opportunities for meaningful connections between the student and various parts of the community.

For my community service so far, I completed a few shifts at the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter. The shelter is part of the University Lutheran Church in Cambridge Ma. and consists of many student and community volunteers. As a part of my community service there, I had different tasks, this could include doing laundry to preparing breakfast or cleaning the bathrooms. I completed one overnight shift, in which I slept from 12-3 and stayed up with another volunteer in case there were any problems or needs. I found this experience really rewarding because it allowed me to interact and forge connections with disadvantaged individuals. Some other opportunities I had included a MAMs organized Earth Day clean up event, in which students went around Worcester and cleaned up trash.

I also reached out and connected with my town’s historical society, and over this summer I will be helping the society set up items and tables during Lunenburg’s Farmers Market from nine until twelve in the morning. This will be a wonderful experience that will allow me to connect with the local community and learn some things about its past.

As I add to this page in future I will include some of the images from my different experiences.