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A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away. ~ Phyllis McGinley

Some of my current interests include:

Picture of my chickens


In my free time, I take care of eighty chickens, and sell their eggs for a profit at my family's farm stand. They are always friendly, and they enhance my contentment in the world. I wash their eggs, take care of their grain and water, and clean the coop. I also spend time doing things like building a treehouse and designing an improved grain and water dispenser for them.

Ancestry Research

Another hobby that I have recently spent some of my time on is researching my genealogy After spending some time developing an extensive family tree on, it felt as though I had become well acquainted with my past relatives. I also was able to convene with my grandfather, and show him some of the artifacts that I uncovered while doing my research. I was able to learn a lot about his grandfather, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Below are two images, the first one is of my great-great grandfather, his wife, and children. The second one is of: his father, mother, himself, and siblings.

Picture of my old Relative Picture of my old Relative

3D Printing

I have an Ender V2 printer that I use for my own projects. When I got it, I knew nothing essentially of 3D printing, but through my own trial and error, I was able to expand my knowledge of CAD in Fusion 360. One of the parts I designed recently was a simple stand for a Square credit card device that makes transactions easier at my farm stand. I also sometimes use it to design parts for my projects, like a keypad locking door.