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Who am I?

On that note, what does it mean to be conscious, what makes myself....myself? Did my defining past even occur, or is it just a memory in the moment? What is the moment, what is time on a subjective basis? Is it an illusion? Is my life an illusion?

My name is Garyth Page Violette, I am currently a student at the Mass Academy of Math and Science. In addition to that, I live on a small fruit and vegetable farm in North Central Massachusetts. If I had to describe myself in three words, it would be curious, adventurous, and creative. I feel like these characteristics were fostered by the experiences I had growing up on a farm. The thing I value most about myself is my imagination, which allows me to solve complex problems. I find myself interested in a wide range of activities, this ranges from running to robotics. I am thrilled to partake in everything STEM related at Mass Academy. I am also excited to participate in the wide range of STEM extracurriculars, like FIRST Robotics, which will allow me to grow my knowledge from what I previously learned at my sending school.

Me on a rock in Buzzards Bay Me hugging a large tree Me with my family

I was born in January, 2005, to an amazing family. I currently have a fierce cat that roams my house, an older sister that escaped and now resides at Harvard, a father whose jokes are so bad your brain begins to shrivel, and of course the best mother ever.

I attended grades K-10 all the way from primary to high school in the Lunenburg Public School System. There, I began to develop an interest in learning, especially for science. In middle and high school I enjoyed partaking in Science Olympiad, where I won awards at the state competition in topics for different build and study events. In addition, I participated in track and cross country. Not only was/is running a competitive experience, but it also presented me with a lifelong interest that is important for both my physical and mental wellness.

Aerial Farm Picture Flower Field

My family's fruit and vegetable farm occupies 200 acres, has eleven greenhouses, and offers a wide selection of fruits and vegetables throughout the year. The farm started with a wheelbarrow and my grandfather several decades ago, and has transformed into a thriving operation. It has taught me so much, and deepened my connection with nature. I can tell you the name of almost any flowering annual or perennial, and distinguish any variety of apple. If you want to know more information about the farm, you can click here to visit the farm's website.