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In Physics, there is a strong demand for our mathematical knowledge. We cover a wide range of information regarding important theories, concepts, and physics principles. This includes:Newtonian Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Waves and Optics, Thermal and Fluid Physics, and more. If you wanted to get a better understanding of the class, you might be able to find more information on our teacher’s website.

Uber Rocket Problem

The first unit we covered in physics was kinematics, and one of the larger problems we had to solve during the unit was the Uber Rocket problem. The question was three-staged, and we were provided information for the following information at the left in the diagram. The goal was to determine the horizontal distance Hamster Huey travels in its angular launch, projectile motion phase, and final parachute stage. It was an interesting problem to work on because the stages were interconnected, and you had to use information from one part to solve for the next. Though at the same time, you had to record the horizontal distance traveled in each part using your knowledge of kinematic equations and trigonometry.

Penny Drop Lab

The first lab report we did in Physics was the Penny Drop Lab. The lab was simple, create a hypothesis for the relationship between the height that a penny is dropped and the time that it takes to hit the ground from the moment it was released. And ultimately use this information to find a constant for the theoretical acceleration. For this lab, one main objective was to learn how to create solid procedure, organize the data, and use analysis to derive solutions, such as using the percent error or standard deviation from multiple penny drop trials to remark on the accuracy or precision of the model. Overall, it was a nice learning process applicable to future labs.