About Me

Hello! I'm Nicholas Goodchild, and I'm currently a junior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science. I live in Ashburnham, Massachusetts (northwest of Fitchburg) on a lake on the middle of a forest, and I used to be a part of the Ashburnham and Westminster Regional School District (AWRSD). I've been interested in STEM since kindergarten, so when I heard about this school in 7th grade, I was immediately interested. I've been into mathematics ever since I was a toddler, when I learned about addition and subtraction before preschool, multiplication and division before grade school, and variables before middle school. Unfortunately, the way public school is structured meant that I couldn't learn any advanced mathematics unless I taught myself, and I didn't have much time to because of extra-curriculars. Then I discovered Mass Academy, and I knew I had to go there. Luckily, I got in, and now I'm a part of this excellent school, where I can really feel challenged with my work.

Current Activities

As school has just started, I don’t have any real information about any extracurricular activities that I am/will be taking this year. As of now, I’m a part of the Robotics Team, from which I’m taking coding classes for Java, and the Math Team. I’ve also signed up for SAGA, which will hopefully start meeting soon.

My YouTube Channel

YouTube Profile Picture

Late into June 2020, I decided that a way I could spend my time during the quarantine would be to create a YouTube gaming channel, either starting off with or completely encompassing Minecraft. As of now, all I’m doing is a Minecraft challenge, one that I came up with called the “Hardcore Update Challenge,” where I play Minecraft Hardcore Mode, and whenever I either die or beat the Ender Dragon, the final boss of the “story,” I’ll start up a new world in the previous update. I will also soon be posting content of me playing as the deafult skin of Minecraft, Steve, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, since he will be introduced on October 13th. When starting a new YouTube channel, it can be difficult to pick up steam, but once I hit the first 100 or so subscribers, it’ll likely start growing a lot faster.

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