Welcome to my Mathematical Modeling Page!

The math modeling course at MAMS is taught by Mr. Regele. Class every day is comprised of group work and collaboration, where we teach each other what we know. We primarily focus on harder problems or modeling problems. At the end of class, a student presents the problem.

Part of the math modeling course involves using Mathematica. We program what we want into Mathematica and it outputs the result. Here is an example of one of the assignments we had to do with Mathematica.

Every year, students participate in the High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling (HiMCM) competition. The competition lasts around 48 straight hours. As a group, we get to choose one of two modeling problems and try our best to create the optimal solution, given the time restraint. My group included David, Diego, and Krishna. The problem my group was titled: “Storing the Sun.” The problem asked to find the optimal number and types of batteries to store energy from the sun. Below is our solution to the problem!