Welcome to my Computer Science Page!

The computer science course at MAMS is taught by Mrs. Taricco. The course covers everything on the AP CS curriculum. Before we got into java, we learned how to program with HTML and CSS. In addition, we also will create an app for the Apps 4 Good project, starting C term.

As we learn through the content, we are given exercises to make sure we understand the concepts. Two of the exercises were creating a program to check the validity of a credit card number and creating a graphic using loops. The first program is for the credit card and the second program is for the graphic.


Apps For Good (A4G), is a group project with the end goal of developing an app for a targeted audience. Beginning in C term, students are assigned groups and begin working immediately. We started with brainstorming topics we all were passionate about. Once we had a general idea about what we were going to accomplish, we began watching tutorials and doing research on how to code all the functions of our app in Android Studio. The app is entirely built from scratch, so make sure to use your time wisely! Below are the details of my A4G project I accomplished with my group, Amith and Charlotte.


As time goes on, the number of refugees fleeing their homes in search of a better and safer life increases. After being displaced from their homes, many of these people need help to get back on their feet, whether that be through donations, building a new community, or getting help with daily tasks that they lack time to do or are not comfortable doing. Through our application, we are aiming to make helping refugees easier by giving them a space to let their community know what they need so that the community can come together and give back. This app will connect the people who want to help with the refugees who need it. To start off, we intend to direct our app towards any refugees in the Worcester area and any local people who want to provide aid to said refugees, though this will all hopefully expand in later years.


This area of study is important as it helps people who are most in need. Currently, there is no easy way for refugees to be able to reach out to their community for help with specific tasks. By creating this application, refugees would be able to request help at no cost to them while building new connections within their community. As of 2021, there are an estimated 1.47 million refugees in need of resettlement (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, 2021). In the past 20 years, over 84 million people have been forced to leave their homes with a total of 26.6 million people being counted as refugees (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, 2021). Each year, the number of refugees is increasing along with the need for assistance. Not only do refugees often lack the experience or time needed to get certain tasks done, they are also coming into a brand new community which can make it hard to make new relationships. Creating this connection within the community further allows for refugees to ease into life in their new home. This makes their new lives in foreign countries away from their actual homes more enjoyable and less stressful because they are not alienated from the society around them.

Target Audience

Our general audience is refugees in Worcester, MA and people who are willing to lend a helping hand. We are gearing towards this app being used by adults to help with their additional responsibilities. The goal of this app is that the audience will be able to log on and either present a task they need help with or to find a task that needs doing.

Our App

Our solution to address the problem was to create a very basic UI. The reason behind this is so that even users with a language barrier. The main screen of our app is the sign in/sign up screen. We decided to implement an account feature to improve the level of security of the app, as contact information would be passed as data into the app. Once the user successfully signs into the app, they are immediately sent to the main screen, where all tasks posted by refugees are listed, in a scrollable view. In the bottom right hand corner of the main screen is a plus button that any refugee seeking help may click to post the specifics of their task. The app uses firebases, real-time cloud storage, to store account information and also update the scrollable view constantly, ensuring that once a task is deleted (when a refugee receives help from one of their community members) or created, all users of the app will also see the task deleted or created.

Minimul Viable Product

Below are the minimal functions we wanted to incorporate into our app

The app will allow for refugees to post problems or help that they may need and their contact information so that volunteers can get in touch with them

The app will also allow for the refugees to categorize their posts or delete them:

If the problem still needs action, there will be a tag saying so

If the problem is being addressed, there will be a tag saying so

If the problem has been solved, there will be a tag saying so

When problems have been marked as being addressed, they will be moved to the bottom of the list of problems posted, and if the problem has been solved it will disappear from the list of problems



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United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. (2021). Refugee statistics. UNHCR. Retrieved March 28, 2022, from https://www.unhcr.org/refugee-statistics/