About Justin Che

My Middle School Graduation

Hello! My name is Justin Che. I am currently enrolled as a junior attending the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science. I applied to Mass Academy because I wanted to be a part of the small but collaborative school and give myself a challenge. Fortunately, I was accepted! My sending school is Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School, but I have not lived in Sudbury my entire life. I was born in Kansas in 2004 and moved around quite a lot when I was young. I’ve been to school in Connecticut, Acton and finally ended up in Sudbury’s public school system in 3rd grade. I’ve lived in Sudbury since.


My family

I live in Sudbury with my mother, father, and younger sister. My parents are immigrants from China and my older brother just went to college. My siblings and I are all pretty athletic. My sister plays ice and field hockey and used to play lacrosse and soccer. My brother played hockey and soccer. I play tennis and ice hockey and used to play baseball, soccer, and basketball. Half of the week, my grandmother lives with us. She is such a huge help and a great cook. My family and I are so lucky to have her.

My Hobbies and Interests

Percussion1 Percussion2

Some of my hobbies are sports, video games, traveling, and music. I currently play tennis and hockey. I just started playing tennis (because of COVID) but I’ve played hockey for ten years. In the past, I’ve played soccer, baseball, and basketball, but unfortunately, I could not continue playing basketball because I was only allowed to play one winter sport for my high school. I follow the Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins. Other than playing sports outside with my siblings, in my free time I like to play mobile video games. During school breaks or the summer, I really enjoy traveling or hiking. My family and I have been to China, Cancun, Canada, and many of the States. We also visit my aunt’s family in Kansas almost every year. Finally, I play percussion in concert and jazz band. I started playing in middle school, after playing the piano for 6 years.


Me playing hockey Me playing hockey

I started playing hockey when I lived in Acton in 1st grade. I started playing because my older brother started a few years earlier. It seemed really fun and different than the other sports, since everything is played on ice. Once checking became a rule, it got a lot harder for me, because I was tiny :(. It didn't stop me from having fun though. Once I reached high school, I joined the team. I've always enjoyed playing team sports, and hockey is by far my favorite sport. Luckily, I've never been seriously hurt.


At the beach!

My favorite part about school vacation is being able to travel. Pre-Covid, we used to travel as a family, including my aunt, uncle, and cousin from Kansas. My most memorable trip was going to China for a month. We got to visit all the famous historical sites as well as current attractions. The best part was the variety of amazing food.


I’ve participated in my school’s math team since 3rd grade. It is fun doing harder problems with friends/teammates. I’ve also competed in many individual math competitions such as AMC and MathCounts. I also participated in the Science Olympiad in 8th grade, primarily for fun. It was a great experience working on the different categories with one of my friends.

Community Service

Working at a field

Community service is very important. I am apart of a community service group in Sudbury. In the past, we have worked at farms and helped them plant and harvest, helped at Cradles to Crayons, which helps young children in need. I have also tutored in the past and helped kids with disabilities learn to skate. Using your strenghts to benefit the community really makes you feel like you belong.