Pep Band Rally

I play mainly percussion and guitar, but I also knew how to play the piano and viola when I was younger. I have been playing as a percussionist and guitarist since about fifth grade, and those are my two instruments of choice. I have even influenced my younger brother to take up learning the drums. I played as a Percussionist as part of my School's Honors Wind Ensemble.

As part of my sending school’s pep band (SHS), we would play at the football games in the freezing cold. Despite the fact I could not feel my feet, I felt it was a great bonding experience along with the opportunity of being able to take a multi-day trip to NYC for a few clinics, to watch Aladdin on Broadway, and to catch a glimpse of the New York Pops. I am grateful for all the memories and connections I have made through Band.


In my free time, I like to compose my own music using a variety of software including MuseScore, Audacity, and my electronic Drum set on which I can record beats. I also took a music composition course at MIT two summers ago where I learned a lot of music theory and especially its application in creating pieces.


I listen to a large variety of genres in many different languages including English, Korean, French, Hindi, Telugu, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin), and Thai. I mainly use Youtube Music as I feel Google’s algorithm does a very good job of telling me what music I like. Not to mention a lot of foreign music is not on Spotify in the first place. Here are a few songs that I’m currently listening to right now:
Thararat Roi Watashi Hoyna Nashe WayV NCT127 Colde DPR Rich Brian 99 Neighbors Joji

Contact Me:

Snap: @pierre-reoxe
Instagram: @ronit.avadhuta