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French is a fully immersive class; we are to only speak French in French class. The class is a fun, interactive class in which we learn about French culture, foods, and language through a variety of mediums including movies, songs, and books. There is always an opportunity to learn new words in French and collaborate whether it be that the class is working in breakout rooms or making films together in groups.


Meme Francais

The following is an assignment in which we had to make a meme about MAMS in French. This particular meme is about tasks of increasing difficulty and the corresponding levels of toughness required, as shown by the different Spongebobs. French Translation:

When you find the Volume of the Tetrahedron (check the Math page)

When you realize you have STEM twice in a day (we had two STEM classes in a day once)

When you have to fill out to Google Form every morning to verify you are not a robot (we have to fill it out daily to login for school)

To learn about French culture, we researched different French artists and made presentations on them. Here is my presentation on Cheri Samba.

To learn about French cooking, we had to cook a French dish and provide its recipe in the form of a presentation.

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