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Humanities is a class that culminates the key ideas and concepts of the Language Arts with an intensive study on History and Philosophy. This class is quite open-ended with project ideas ranging from the standard 5-paragraph essay to any teacher-sanctioned project. The class places importance on discussions and reactions to many different works and books such as Sapiens by Harari. We also examine many studies relating to Anthropology and reference them in our synthesis essays, which are often promptless leading to a wider variety of essays.


One of the first pieces we wrote this year was a synthesis essay on the Effects of Literary Elements in the works of Ray Bradbury. Another example of these essays would be our most recent work examining the effectiveness of satires. For my piece, I decided to write about Babycakes by Neil Gaiman and A Modest Proposal for the Museum of the Plains White Person by Rayna Green.

We were also split into groups and asked to search major civilizations throughout history and present the information in an engaging manner. For our group, this meant playing a "Choose your own adventure" type game with the audience via a Kahoot for polling.

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