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During A and B term at Mass Academy, we would use Arduinos to measure movement, time, etc. We built many projects some of which can be found at this Github Repository. After class, we would also spend time tearing apart speakers, DVRs, and other machines to try to get a peek at how electronics work. It was a very hands-on elective that showed me how to bridge the gap between the digital and real world. Cyberpatriot


In a series of competitions, a small group and I work together to secure a network over several types of operating systems ranging from the standard WindowsOS to Ubuntu and Debian. I specialize in working on the Ubuntu images. The season is over and my team of Jon Cili, Ansh Tripathi, Shreya Majumdar, Katy Stuparu, Andrew Lee, and I ranked in the gold division and 3rd at the state level.

Math Team

Math Team hosts a variety of competitions such as the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME), Massachusetts Mathematics League (MAML), Worcester County Mathematics League (WOCOMAL), and many more. In addition to math team, I also participate in competitions such as the Duke Invitational, Harvard–MIT Mathematics Tournament (HMMT), etc through Western Mass American Regions Mathematics League (ARML), a coalition of mathletes. So far I have competed in some WOCOMAL meets and MAML. Last year, I qualified for AIME and MAML 2 but unfortunately they are not offering MAML 2 this year. Read more about what I do related to math on this page.




Aptitutor is an non-profit tutoring organization that helps students from around the world get free one-on-one tutoring from High School students in a variety of fields. I tutor in a variety of subjects including Math up to Calculus BC, Chemistry, Biology, Forensics, other sciences, and foreign languages. I have been a lead tutor for about a year now and even have the opportunity to set up group seasonal classes at Aptitutor too. I love Aptitutor because it makes tutoring easy and rewarding with an amicable atmosphere, incentivizing me to keep tutoring.
Professional Prep

Professional Prep

I make educational content, mainly for Calculus topics, on a YouTube channel part of Professional Prep with my friends. The whole channel covers a variety of topics from physics to math to programming and more. I enjoy being a part of Professional Prep because it gives me an easy avenue to share learning with people in the form of readily accessible videos. I highly recommend you check it out!


BigHelp Foundation

Ever since I was in first grade, I regularly competed at BigHelp's Math competition and Spelling Bee. BigHelp is a program that uses the funds from their programs to help fund the education for kids in India who may not be able to afford it. As a kid, it motivated me to work hard and learn new math concepts and words so I could do well, but as I grew up I started to volunteer at their Boston regional events and it became an annual tradition for me.

Past Clubs

Clubs from my time at Shrewsbury High School

Cross Country

Cross Country & Track

Freshman and Sophomore Year Junior Varsity

Quiz Team

Quiz Team Boston

WBGH Boston Qualifier

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