STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. This class is taught by Dr. Crowthers where the focus is to complete a group assistive technology project. The devices are usually developed for a client(s) or a population in need. There are 4 people per group, filling the roles of CEO, CTO, CIO, and CMO. I was the CEO of my group, COVision Aid. This project culminates in a fair at the end of the school year, however, some projects do go into the summer in order to finalize a deliverable product for their client(s). My group will be taking our project into the summer. Read on to learn more about my group's project.

COVision Aid

Current COVID-19 rapid testing kits are inaccesible to individuals with visual impairments (VIPs). VIPs require help from an aid or need to go to an in-person testing center in order to test, which can put both themselves and others at risk. VIPs often fall in the high risk categories for COVID-19, which further shows the need for a solution. Through our brainstorming and analysis of current tests, my group identified that the instructions and results were the two components that needed the most accesibility improvement. We developed a device to improve the accessibility of testing instructions and results. Our device is shown in some of the pictures below. It plays the instruction in steps via audio recording. The user can use voice commands such as "Next Step" or "Go Back" to navigate through the instructions. At the end of the testing process, the device will prompt the user to insert their test. We use a raspberry pi and machine learning software to analyze a picture of the test and determine the result. The result is then played back to the user via audio.

Device Images


Click here to view a google drive folder with all of our group's documents. Click in to the folders labeled PDR, CDR, or ADR/TDR to see our progress at different checkpoints. ADR/TDR includes the most recent documents.