Computer Science

Computer science is a course at MAMS where we learn about java programming and later implement the knowledge into projects such as Apps for Good. This course is taught my Mrs. Taricco and covers all of the information in the AP CSA curriculum. As I already have prior experience with Java, I am a part of the Advanced Computer Science group. For that part of the course, we are required to make a programming project on the subject of our choice. My project is a choose your own adventure style video game being made through LibGDX which is still a work in progress. More information on that is below.

Advanced Project

As stated above, my advanced CS project is a choose-your-own-adventure style game. The current plan is to have a story game with multiple endings. While the most important aspect of the game is the ability to make choices, I am also working on implementing some point and click and/or inventory mechanics. I am using LibGDX for my project which is a java-based game development tool. Currently I have the framework down for my game and the choice-making system. I am in the process of writing the story so that I can start to create a working product. To extend the project, I would look into creating multiple save files for the game and adding some settings.

Advanced Program

In the beginning of the year advanced students had the option to work on challenging programming problems. The following code is from the Largest Palindrome Product assignment. A palindrome product is a number that reads the same forwards and backwards made from two integers multiplied. The goal of this project was to find the largest palindrome product that could be made from the product of two 3-digit numbers.

Apps For Good

The Apps For Good program allows MAMS students to design and create an app to help address a need. App concepts can be student generated or could come as a request from outside communities. My group's app is a clothing recommendation app based on the current and upcoming weather conditions. As the competitor apps are designed for a more adolescent audience, our app was made for a more mature audience and included more data. We used the OpenWeatherMap API in order to obtain our weather data. We developed algorithms to analyze the data and choose clothing/accessory recommendations based on the day's upcoming conditions. The poster below has more information on some of the specifics of our algorithms and shows the app design.