Diane M. Strong

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Research Affiliations:

5/09- Healthcare Delivery Institute at WPI.

Founding Member and Faculty Executive Council Member, 2009.

Center Director, 2009-2010.

9/93-9/99 Total Data Quality Management (TDQM) Research Program,

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management.

Professional Societies:

Association for Information Systems (AIS), Member

AIS Council, Elected Representative for the Americas Region, 2002-2004

AIS Special Interest Group for Health Information Technology (SIGHealth)

Chair, SIGHealth Nominating Committee, 2010-2011

AIS Special Interest Group for Enterprise Systems (SIGES),

Member SIGES Council, 2004-2007

AIS Special Interest Group for Human Computer Interaction (SIGHCI),

Member SIGHCI Advisory Committee 2002-2005

AIS Special Interest Group for Data and Information Quality