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Below is the registration form for the main Savage Soccer event at WPI. For information on how to register for other Savage Soccer events, visit the events page for details.

Savage Soccer @ WPI Registrants: Fill out the form below for group you'd like to register. You can select multiple teams using the drop down menu.

Registration Restrictions

Costs & Kits

Registration is FREE and the only requirement for participation is having one robotics kit per team in order to build a robot and compete.

We prefer teams use the VEX Robotics kit, programming module, and batteries for their robots. We are open to teams using other kits if they are comparable and we can adapt them to our field control. Please contact us at in advance if you would like to use an alternate robot kit (IFI/Robovation, GEARS, FTC, etc).

Team Composition

Teams should be composed of high school students or younger and at least one adult mentor. It is strongly recommended that teams are composed of at least 4 students. Teams with less than 4 students will lose match time per the game rules. Average teams have about six or seven students. We recommend that if you get more than 10 students, you split into multiple teams. The robots are small and it can quickly become difficult for many students to stay engaged in activity.

Mentors are part of the team to help plan logistics, act as a chaperone, and assist students in design and learning about engineering techniques, mechanisms, etc. However, mentors are not allowed to build the robot. Remember at all times that this is a student competition.

Note: This competition is separate from the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) and the VEX Robotics Competition. Savage Soccer is a separate game and program with a similar structure to the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). If you are participating in any of these or other robot events, you are welcome at Savage Soccer but please consult your schedule before signing up.


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