The Shack

The W1YK Shack

W1YK operates from the fifth floor of Salisbury Laboratories. HF frequencies are covered by our two primary towers mounted on the roof. The 40 foot tower holds our 2 element 40 meter and 4 element 10 meter antennas while the 60 foot tower holds the 20 meter and 15 meter antennas. An inverted V dipole covers 80 and 160 meters. We also have a smaller 18 foot tower that has 2 meter and 70 centimeter yagis on it that we use for satellite operation. W1YK operates a Yaesu FT-1000MP and FLEX-6300 SDR for HF. We have a Commander HF-2500 2kW linear amp and FLEX Power Genius XL 2kW solid state amp for HF. For satellite, we have an ICOM IC-910H. We also have an IC-706 MKII that we employ for mobile HF operation as well as local repeater use. Our HF rig also interfaces with a Rigblaster Pro and computer for PSK31 and RTTY.

WPIWA antennas

Above, you can see the satellite station antenna tower in the center with our 15/20m and 10/40m off to the left and right of the image, as well as our 80-meter antenna in the lower-right corner.