Teaching & Mentorship

Invited Talks

"Brain-computer Interfaces and Games". WPI CS 525 / NEU 505: Special Topics in Computer Science: Brain-Computer Interaction (Spring 2024)

"Designing Exergames: Impact of Immersive Experience Beyond Engagement and Motivation". First Workshop on VR for Exergaming (VR4Exergame), IEEE VR 2023, Hybrid, March 2023

Guest Lectures

"Number Systems". Girls Talk Math at WPI Chapter (Summer 2023)

“Brain-computer Interfaces and Games”. WPI IMGD 3100: Novel Interfaces for Interactive Environment (2023)

Implementing Augmented Reality to Emphasize the Impact of Climate Change. Artward Bound Program at Massachusetts College of Art and Design (Summer 2022)


Major Qualifying Project. Jagger Polvino, James Cao, Andrew Nguyen. “Developing a Brain-Computer Interface to Enhance Storytelling in Games with the Identification of Cognitive States” (2024)

Major Qualifying Project. Amanda Jones, Megan Letendre, Elise Nerden. “Sewn into Memory: Reliving Feelings through an AR Quilt” (2023)

Pre-collegiate Research and Mentorship Project. Rachel Foye, Ava Stockton, and Dinah Agyemang. “Food Chain AR: Co-design an Augmented Reality Book with Educators and Students” (2022)