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Max Chen, Dashiell Elliott, Robert Dempski and Raúl Orduña Picón. Designing Interactive Virtual Tours for Education: Two Case Studies on Virtual Tours of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratories. FDG '24, Worcester, MA, USA, May 2024

Max Chen, Gillian Smith. Game Development as Project-Based Learning: Synthesizing Postmortems of Student-Created Mobile Games. FDG '24, Worcester, MA, USA, May 2024

Max Chen, Yichen Li, Hilson Shrestha, Noëlle Rakotondravony, Andrew Teixeira, Lane Harrison, and Robert E. Dempski. FlowAR: A Mixed Reality Program to Introduce Continuous Flow Concepts . Journal of Chemical Education 2024 101 (5), 1865-1874 DOI: 10.1021/acs.jchemed.3c00807

Max Chen, Shano Liang, Gillian Smith. Stackable Music: A Marker-Based Augmented Reality Music Synthesis Game. CHI Play '23, Stratford, Canada, October 2023

Max Chen, Yihong Xu, Alexander Sirois, Yichen Li, Robert Dempski, Gillian Smith, Yuko Oda, Yunus Telliel, Erika S. Lewis, and Kelilah L. Wolkowicz. WheelUp! Developing an Interactive Electric-power Wheelchair Virtual Training Environment. IEEE Conference on Games (CoG) '23, Boston, USA, August 2023

Max Chen, Erin Solovey, Gillian Smith. Impact of BCI-Informed Visual Effect Adaptation in a Walking Simulator. ACM FDG '23, Lisbon, Portugal, April 2023

Max Chen. Impact of BCI-Informed Visual Effect Adaptation in a Walking Simulator. Master Thesis. Worcester Polytechnic Institute, December 2022

Robert Dempski, Claire Li, Max Chen, and Shano Liang. Integrating Biophysics Immersive Learning Tools Across Campus. Building a Network of Biophysics Education, Virtual Conference, June 2022

Robert Dempski, Andrew Texeira, Claire Li, Shano Liang, and Max Chen. Integrating Immersive Learning Tools across Campus and Beyond. Advanced Manufacturing and Processing Conference, Washington DC, June 2022

Max Chen. The Importation of Murder Mystery Games in China – Game Localization and Creativity.Canadian Game Studies Association Annual Conference, June 2022

Max Chen and Shamsnaz Virani Bhada. Converting Natural Language Policy Article into MBSE Model. 19th Annual​ ​Conference ​on ​Systems ​Engineering ​Research, March 2022

Max Chen, Shano Liang, Tian Dai. Collection - An Experiment of Combining Non-linear Narrative with Crafts. PAX East 2022, March 2022