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About This Website

Welcome to the Team 190 Website! I hope you are enjoying the new face of the team, which has received its first update since 2005. This website was created from scratch entirely by team members and two leaders, or Chiefs, currently maintain the website. The site features JQuery for animations, Blogger integration for keeping all visitors informed, and a separate back-end for member-related content. So please, look around, and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

  • Jeff Copeland - Chief of Website
  • Caleb Warner - Chief of Public Relations
  • Greg Granito
  • Ryan Norby
  • Mitchell Wills
  • Amy Rockwood
  • Vinny Capone
  • Derrick Harney
  • Paul Harrington
  • Cai Debenham
  • Julie Kew
  • Amy Rockwood
  • Elinor Riley
  • Fred Silberberg
  • Franics O'Rourke
  • Dolan Murvihill
  • Evan Morrison
Special Thanks:
  • Nick Galotti
  • Aaron Hammond
  • Steve Kaneb
  • Colleen Shaver
  • Ken Stafford
  • Brad Miller