NSF Grant 2020

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) researchers with expertise in fields ranging from psychology to architectural engineering will use a $199,999 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to study how the novel COVID 19 global pandemic is affecting stress in college students and their ability to learn in remote settings.


TRIAD Grant 2019-20

WPI Neuro-Arch Lab has received Transformative Research and Innovation, Accelerating Discovery (TRIAD) seed grant to conduct research on effects architecture on regulating human emotional state. In this project, we propose a new configurable immersive space integrated with a brain computer interface (BCI) platform to systematically study possible associations across the brain, behavior, and architectural elements.


Provost's MQP Awards 2020

The Immersive Space project has been selected to receive the Provost's MQP award in Architectural Engineering for your project titled "Analyzing the Built Environment and Human Behavior through the Creation of an Immersive Space", advised by Soroush Farzin and Prof. Albano. These awards offer recognition to those students who have completed outstanding Major Qualifying Projects (MQPs) as a demonstration of their competency in a chosen academic discipline.


WPI Global Lab Fellowship 2019

Soroush Farzin received the Global Fellowship for the academic year 2019-2020 to spend a term in residence at the Global Lab in the Foisie Innovation Studio, completing the Epistemic Wall, which explores the interface of physical reality and the digital World through an art installation.


Dean of Engineering SEED grant 2018

Soroush Farzin has received the Dean of Engineering seed grant for investigating the possibility of achieving TRUE net zero emissions by developing and examining the idea of Net Zero Neighborhood (NZN). The NZN approach rehabilitates an existing urban district and integrates different Food, Energy, Water (FEW) systems into a holistic model to achieve the Net Zero goal and successfully perform the nexus of FEW for a neighborhood. The office of the Dean of Engineering seed grants to Engineering Faculty intends to advance interdisciplinary research themes in collaboration with WPI faculty from all disciplines.

Immersive Space WPI_2020


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