Brame lake Landscape, Abadan, Iran (2009-2010)

Parsomash Consulting Engineers

Brame neighborhood is an important trading region South of Iran. Right across the Arvand River, this project will be a significant tourism attraction in coming decades. Landscape and recreational complex suffered significant damages during the Iran and Iraq war. In 2009, the National Iranian Oil Company decided to restore Brame Lake neighborhood including in Brame lake landscape. The property consists of twenty arcs landscape around thirty-five acres lake. Five entrances connect the complex to the neighborhood, three for pedestrian access and two for emergency vehicles.

Recreational tracks around the Lake designed with respect to the lake boundary and topography. Abadan has a tropical desert climate; in organizing recreational, commercial, and entertainment facilities, environmental factors were the top priorities for our design team. Entrance tensile structure and lighthouse create a strong axis that becomes the main design element for organizing facilities. 


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