Here is news and info on recordings, performances, and music projects, with the most recent appearing first.

1/2/2017 -- New release of Rick's older music
I've re-mastered some of my earliest recordings from the 1980s and 1990s. These were originally recorded on 4-track tape, and have now been digitally re-mastered and released as a collection of 16 songs. I've kept the original recordings intact, warts and all, so these are not studio quality, but do paint a picture of my music at the time. The only adjustments have been to the balance and frequency equilization. You can listen to them here: Rick Quimby -- The Early Years

10/1/2016 -- Music now on Reverbnation
I've set up a Reverbnation page, and will be putting my studio music there as it becomes available.

9/20/15 -- New name for the Rick and Linda duo
The Rick and Linda duo has gone through a period of time in late summer and early fall searching for a new name, after we discovered that the one we'd previously chosen (Renaissance) was in use by a band based in England. Our new duo name will be Owengale, which is derived from from family names in Rick and Linda's families.

9/17/15 -- WICN radio appearance
Rick and Linda were delighted to participate in Nick Noble's special live broadcast of music with a nautical theme on WICN's program "The Folk Revival". It was a lively evening, with many traditional sea shanties. We sang three of our original songs that had a nautical (or at least water) theme. We had a great time, and hope to be back there again soon.

8/24/15 -- WCUW radio appearance
While at the "100 Musicians" photo shoot in downtown Worcester on August 20, we ran into Don Prange, who does a radio spot on Mondays at Community Radio Station WCUW. He asked if we'd be available to play some live music during his show, and we said "sure!". We had a wonderful time chatting with Don and playing some songs from our recently released CD "Is this seat taken...". We left our CD at the station, so you can call the studio line at 508-753-2284 on weekdays Mon-Thur from 7-9 pm, during the program "In the tradition", and request one of our songs. You can listen online at