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On this page We'll be posting the latest info on Owengale's recordings, performances, and music projects, with the most recent appearing first.

09/30/2023 -- New CD Recording. We have been away from performing for a few years, due to covid and other circumstances. However, we've continued to write new songs, and have recently put out our third CD, "My Father's Shoes". When if becomes possible, we look forward to once again sharing our music together onstage with our fellow musicians. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this new collection of Owengale songs!

8/3/2022 -- Owengale's 3rd CD is in the works
Owengale has continued to work on new songs during the past few years, through the recent pandemic, and mostly remotely while Linda lived in Colorado. Performances have been limited due to the covid pandemic, and we haven't had a chance to try our new songs out on audiences, but we've picked out 12 new songs to feature on our 3rd CD, which are nearing final form. Look for more updates here and on our Facebook page as this newest CD nears completion. Enjoy the summer!

11/16/2017 -- We enjoyed our visit with Nick Noble at the WICN studio this evening, where we played selections from our newly released CD Stories in the Grain. If you missed the show, here is a link to a recording of our performance.

11/1/2017 -- Owengale's 2nd CD, Stories in the Grain is now available. You can listen to the tracks on Reverbnation, and either purchase individual songs there, or order the physical CD from our Homepage.

6/14/2017 -- Owengale's 2nd CD is nearing completion
During the past 6 months we've been trying out our songs at many open mikes in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire, and getting a feeling for which ones to include on our latest CD project. We've settled on 16 songs, and are now recording and arranging them, hoping to be finished sometime this summer. Look for more updates here and on our Facebook page as the CD nears completion. Enjoy the summer!

12/15/2016 -- Owengale performing on WICN 90.5 FM, Worcester, MA
We enjoyed participating in the Holiday Program on Nick Noble's Folk Revival show on public radio station WICN in Worcester. If you missed the show, here is a link to a recording of our performance.

7/31/2016 -- Linda's Radio Interview on KZUM 89.3 FM, Lincoln Nebraska
If you missed this live broadcast on Sunday July 31 at 1:30 EDT, you can listen to it here by clicking on this link to a recording of the broadcast. Thanks to Colette O'Connor for inviting Linda to be interviewed and featured on her monthly guest-host program called "Notes From New England", part of Deb Andersen's "The Wimmin's Show".

7/1/2016 -- New Owengale CD project
Owengale is starting work this summer on a new CD, which is expected to be out sometime in the fall. You can be part of this project by helping us decide which songs to include. Subscribe to our Newsletter to receive updates and free mp3s of our music to preview. We want the CD to have songs that YOU want to hear. Thanks for your support! Rick & Linda

6/29/2016 -- New content and photos for Facebook page
The Owengale facebook page (in facebook, go to "Owengalemusic") is now being updated regularly with new content.

4/19/2016 -- New Facebook page for Owengale
Still a work in progress -- more coming soon (in facebook, go to "Owengalemusic")

9/20/2015 -- New name for the Rick and Linda duo
The Rick and Linda duo has gone through a period of time in late summer and early fall searching for a new name, after we discovered that the one we'd previously chosen (Renaissance) was in use by a band based in England. Our new duo name will be Owengale, which is derived from from family names in Rick and Linda's families.

9/17/2015 -- WICN radio appearance
Rick and Linda were delighted to participate in Nick Noble's special live broadcast of music with a nautical theme on WICN's program "The Folk Revival". It was a lively evening, with many traditional sea shanties. We sang three of our original songs that had a nautical (or at least water) theme. We had a great time, and hope to be back there again soon.

8/24/2015 -- WCUW radio appearance
While at the "100 Musicians" photo shoot in downtown Worcester on August 20, we ran into Don Prange, who does a radio spot on Mondays at Community Radio Station WCUW. He asked if we'd be available to play some live music during his show, and we said "sure!". We had a wonderful time chatting with Don and playing some songs from our recently released CD "Is this seat taken...". We left our CD at the station, so you can call the studio line at 508-753-2284 on weekdays Mon-Thur from 7-9 pm, during the program "In the tradition", and request one of our songs. You can listen online at wcuw.org.