Linda McCarthy

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Linda Jones McCarthy began rhyming words at the age of seven, adding homespun melodies along the way. This early adventure has taken her on a journey through adulthood as an author, poet and singer/songwriter, while working and playing in the field of child care for over thirty years. The insights gained from sharing the joys of young children have enabled her to write songs and stories that resonate with warmth and humor.

Linda has been invited into schools throughout New England, volunteering and sharing her programs with children while promoting the importance of creativity and self-esteem. She has produced Imagine That!, a CD of sixteen original works, over thiry rhymed picture books including Spider in the Shower and Old Bear & Friends and a pre-teen fantasy-fiction entitled The Cauldron Washer. Her adult writings include The Heart Remembers and Soul Day, an adult novel, as well as countless pages of prose, lyrics, and short stories.

She has been employed at Those Characters From Cleveland, a division of American Greetings, as a creative consultant providing hundreds of rhymed couplets used in product application and at the Worcester Telegram and Gazette as a free-lance writer.

Linda's greatest joy, currently, is performing at numerous open mics thoughout the area where she plays guitar, sings and shares original compositions with dozens of new and talented friends. Life is good!