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Stories in the Grain

Owengale released their second CD "Stories in the Grain" in November of 2017, with 16 original songs. Take a listen on our Reverbnation pages.

Here are a few words about each song, along with an audio link to that song.

  1. Fenway Rain -- listen
    Before cell phones and Bic lighters, there occurred the age-old story of boy-meets-girl and then, because of something unexpected, boy-loses-girl. But wait...love hasn't yet had its turn at bat!

  2. Andrew & Abby -- listen
    The brutal actions that took place in 1892 in the household of Lizzie Borden have given rise to more questions than answers. This song, with dialogue taken from the actual court transcript, is dedicated to the memory of Andrew and Abby Borden.

  3. I'm Thinkin' -- listen
    Although this was written as a country spoof, it brings to mind the iconic words of Paul McCartney in Can't buy me love.

  4. Old Folk Blues -- listen
    We hope you'll enjoy this quirky song about aging, and if "laughter is the best medicine," then here's to your health!

  5. What about love? -- listen
    Sometimes love needs a little nudge to get it back on track.

  6. Lucy's Song -- listen
    The haunting tale of the unresolved disappearance of little Lucy Keyes in April of 1755, told from a mother's desperation.

  7. Underside of Heaven -- listen
    Camp Sumter, 1864, one prisoner-of-war's story from Andersonville, Georgia

  8. Not Guilty -- listen
    Unlike the title of this song, we are "guilty" -- guilty of pilfering a musical style from the 1920's, absconding with a satchel of legal jargon and hoping to be granted an acquittal.

  9. One of us -- listen
    Inspired by an amazing Tommy Emmanuel concert in Boston, this song includes the words we later chose for the CD title. Featuring Kenny Selcer on lead guitar.

  10. Open Mic -- listen
    Dedicated to all the sing-songwriters, poets and prophets who continue to live on through their works.

  11. Old Upright Piano -- listen
    Linda: I penned these words straight from my childhood, never imagining that my Dad's voice would be so seamlessly transported from cassettes recorded nearly fifty years ago. Dedicated to all our wonderful dads... heart and soul.

  12. Three Sheets -- listen
    A bittersweet and timeless ballad of love and temptation.

  13. Easy -- listen
    Have you ever known a couple who seem like "two peas in a pod?" It begins with friendship and continues with trust, respect and a whole lot of humor. With these qualities, everything gets "easy."

  14. Granite and Moss -- listen
    In the middle of nowhere there exists a field without a road, and alongside the field an overgrown, unmarked cemetery wherein lie seven time-worn stones etched with forgotten names and the words "REV. War"

  15. Don't want you back -- listen
    Sometimes love is a matter of perspective, and one small word can make all the difference.

  16. Forkey Avenue -- listen
    Directions: Take one real destination, add a strong-willed GPS, which directs you to a road marked "DANGER", and you just might have the makings of a song.

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