Scientific English as a Foreign Language
Answers to Lesson of November 6, 1998
Conjuncts II

Following last week's lesson, we continue with conjuncts, classifying them by their grammatical roles.

Try these. More than one answer is possible.

1. Last month I ________ thought he was wrong. __________ I agree with him.
Meanwhile, subsequently

2. He asked no questions. ____ was he asleep, or ______ not interested?
So, then, in that case
otherwise, else, just

3. He heated the sample above its glass transition. ___________, to 100 degrees Centigrade.
More accurately, better, in other words, rather

4. I'm giving a talk in Germany next month. __________, I'll be there during a special festival.
Incidentally, by the way, now

5. I expected to have a lot of interest in my talk. ________, no one came.
On the contrary, but instead

6. We disagree with the other group's interpretation. _________, their experimental results are impressive.
Still, however, nonetheless, yet, all the same, of course, that said, only, though

The book "A Student's Grammar of the English Language," by Greenbaum and Quirk, Addison Wesley Longman Limited, 1990, was very useful to this lesson.

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