Scientific English as a Foreign Language
Answers to Lesson of August 7, 1998
Verb Groups

In my drafts of scientific publications, I often find myself repeating the same verbs. When editing my first attempts, I try and create as much variety as possible by using a large selection of verbs. This is hard for you, the non-native speaker, because your vocabulary is understandably less well developed. Here are lists of verb groups that may help you extend your vocabulary. The words within the same group are not necessarily synonyms, but are related. I shall quiz you on their meanings and usage some other time! 

Verbs related to ACQUISITION: acquire, obtain, retrieve, compile, accumulate, assemble, amass
Verbs related to CAUSATION: yield, give, result, return, derive, follow, cause, effect, originate, contribute, produce, create, kindle, determine
Verbs related to intellectual COMMUNICATION:   communicate, reason, comprehend, understand, estimate, evaluate, realize, demonstrate, appreciate, judge, grasp, debate, inquire, argue, contend, induce, deduce
Verbs related to DESCRIPTION: describe, discuss, comment, account, state, report, specify, summarize, delineate, portray, characterize, detail, recount, recite, itemize, show, display, summarize, elaborate
Verbs related to OBSERVATION:   observe, see, note, notice, discern, distinguish, discriminate, differentiate, perceive, recognize
Verbs related to REPRESENTATION:   represent, illustrate, show, indicate, mark, label, denote, symbolize, exhibit, sketch, graph, plot, display, present, model, design, chart, image, photograph, diagram
Verbs related to UTILIZATION: utilize, use, employ, serve, function, apply, work, avail, help, aid

Two nuns went out of their convent to sell cookies. One of them is known as Sister Mathematical (S.M.), the other is known as Sister Logical (S.L.). It is getting dark and they are still far away from the convent.

So the man decided to go after Sister Logical. Sister Mathematical arrives at the convent and is worried because Sister Logical has not arrived yet. Finally, Sister Logical arrives.

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Created August 7, 1998, by Nancy Burnham and Fred Hutson.