Finding diverse optima and near-optima to binary integer programs

This is a free implementation of a technique to find diverse optima and near-optima to binary integer programs, first published in A. C. Trapp, R. A. Konrad, "Finding Diverse Optima and Near-Optima to Binary Integer Programs," IIE Transactions, 47 (11), pp. 1300-1312, 2015. Click to find diverse optima!

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Annie™ MOORE

Placement Optimization in Refugee Resettlement
Author: Trapp Andrew C., Teytelboym, Alexander, Martinello, Alessandro, Andersson, Tommy, Ahani, Narges

Every year thousands of refugees are resettled to dozens of host countries. While there is growing evidence that the initial placement of refugee families profoundly affects their lifetime outcomes, there have been few attempts to optimize resettlement destinations.We integrate machine learning and integer optimization technologies into an innovative software tool that assists a resettlement agency in the United States with matching refugees to their initial placements. Our software suggests optimal placements while giving substantial autonomy for the resettlement staff to fine-tune recommended matches. Initial back-testing indicates that Annie can improve short-run employment outcomes by 22%-37%. We discuss several directions for future work such as incorporating multiple objectives from additional integration outcomes, dealing with equity concerns, evaluating potential new locations for resettlement, managing quota in a dynamic fashion, and eliciting refugee preferences.

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Open source code implementation of ideas outlined in "Aid Allocation for Camp-Based and Urban Refugees with Uncertain Demand and Replenishments," by Shima Azizi, Cem Deniz Caglar Bozkir, Andrew C. Trapp, O. Erhun Kundakcioglu, and Ali Kaan Kurbanzade. [Link to preprint pdf from Optimization Online]

Implementation of ideas outlined in "Enriching Solutions to Combinatorial Problems via Solution Engineering," published in the INFORMS Journal on Computing, by Thierry Petit and Andrew C. Trapp. [preprint pdf]
Created By: Minkun Liu
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