Welcometo Prof. Ángel A. Rivera's page!

Welcome to the homepage of Ángel A. Rivera, Assistant Professor of Spanish at Worcester Polytechnic Institute(WPI). In the Department of Humanities and Arts (H&A) I teach courses in Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Spanish, and also teach courses related to Topics in Latin American Cultures and Civilization, and Spanish-American Literature of the Twentieth Century. Besides teaching regular courses I advise and direct student's projects in Latin American culture, history, and literature. I am also a member of the Associated Faculty in International Studies at WPI. This is a group of faculty sponsoring the International Studies program. Currently, I am also the advisor for the WPI's Chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Department of Humanities and Arts
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01605-2280
Phone: (508) 831-5779
E-mail: arivera@wpi.edu

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San Juan. Capital de Puerto Rico.

Vista a la Fortaleza.