Berk Sunar

Few facts about me: I am a Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I am leading the Vernam Research Group specializing in applied cryptography.

My current research interests are in

  • Post-quantum crypto, Homomorphic encryption, Lattice based crypto.
  • Microarchitectural attacks.
  • Side-channel attacks on the cloud.

Current Graduate Students

  1. Vincenzo Diliuofo, Ph.D. candidate
  2. Berk Gulmezoglu, Ph.D. candidate
  3. Saad Islam, Ph.D. candidate
  4. Zaen Weissman, MSc. candidate
  5. Edward Krawczyk, MSc. candidate
  6. Daniel Moghimi, Ph.D. candidate
  7. Caner Tol, Ph.D. candidate
  8. Zane Weissman, Ph.D. candidate
  9. Koray Yurtseven, Ph.D. candidate

Former Graduate Students

  • J.-P.Kaps, George Mason University, Associate Professor of ECE.
  • G. Gaubatz, Xilinx, San Francisco, Bay Area, CA.
  • S. Baktir, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul.
  • E. Ozturk, Assistant Professor, Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • G. Hammouri, CEO, Simtix , Dubai (see
  • D. Karakoyunlu, Analog Devices, Boston, MA
  • K. Akdemir, Apple, Bay Area
  • Y. Hu, Huawei Technologies, China
  • C. Yang, Bloomberg, New York
  • C. M. O'Rourke, General Dynamics C4 Systems, Needham, MA
  • K. Yuksel, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
  • Y. Doroz, Teaching Assistant Professor, WPI
  • W. Dai, Microsoft Research
  • G. Cetin, Mathworks, Natick, MA
  • M. Moukarzel, Postdoc, Virginia Tech
  • M. Inci, Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR

PhD Dissertations Advised

  1. J.-P.Kaps, Cryptography for Ultra-Low Power Devices, 2006.
  2. G. Gaubatz, Tamper-Resistant System for Public-Key Cryptography, 2007.
  3. S. Baktir, Frequency Domain Finite Field System for ECC, 2008.
  4. E. Ozturk, Efficient and Tamper-Resilient Arch. for Pairing Based Crypto, 2008.
  5. G. Hammouri, Cryptographic Primitives from Physical Variables, 2009.
  6. D. Karakoyunlu, Efficient Side-Channel Aware ECC over Prime Fields, 2010.
  7. K. Akdemir, Error Detection Techniques Against Strong Adversaries, 2010.
  8. Y. Hu, Improving the Efficiency of Homomorphic Encryption Schemes, 2013.
  9. C. Yang, Security in Voice Authentication, 2014.
  10. Y. Doroz, New Approaches for Efficient Fully Homomorphic Encryption, 2017.
  11. G. Irazoki, Cross-core Microarchitectural Attacks and Countermeasures, 2017.
  12. G. Cetin, Applications of Fully Homomorphic Encryption, 2019.
  13. M. S. Inci, Micro-architectural Threats to Modern Computing Systems, 2019.
  14. M. A. Moukarzel, Understanding and Countermeasures against IoT Physical Side Channel Leakage, 2019.
  15. W. Dai, Accelerating Lattice-based Cryptography with GPUs, 2019.

Master's Theses Advised