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Year Age Class
2002 JI & JII
2002 JIII & JIV
2003 JI & JII
2003 JIII & JIV
2004 JI & JII
2004 JIII & JIV
2005 JI & JII
2005 JIII & JIV
2006 JI & JII
2006 JIII & JIV
2007 JI & JII
2007 JIII & JIV
2008 JIII & JIV
2008 JI & JII
2009 JIII & JIV
2009 JIII & JIV
2010 JI & JII
2010 JIII & JIV
2011 JI & JII
2011 JIII & JIV
2012 JI & JII
2012 JIII & JIV
2013 U10-14
2013 U16
2014 U18-SR
2014 U10-14
2014 U16
2014 U18-SR
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