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Welcome to the website of the Rho Kappa cast of Alpha Psi Omega.

We have an office on the second floor of Alden Hall at WPI. We can be reached by e-mail at ayo@wpi.edu. Please explore the site to discover more about Alpha Psi Omega.

AYO 24 Hour Show Countdown!

Check out our AYO 24 Hour Show Countdown and see what's up with our favorite annual tradition!

What is the 24 Hour Show?

From 7:00pm on Friday to 7:00pm on Saturday, Alpha Psi Omega will put together a show.
All the work for writing the plays, directing and rehearsing them, and putting together all of the tech (including set, lighting, sound, props, and wardrobe) happens in that 24 hour period.
The Sixteenth Annual Show in 24 Hours will be Saturday, December 8th. Come see the members of the Rho Kappa cast put together a show from scratch in just 24 short hours!
The show starts at 7:00pm in The Little Theatre, though seats are on a first come, first serve basis, so plan to arrive early.
For questions, please email ayo@wpi.edu.


Congratulations to our newest members!

B18 Induction Class
-Ryan Choate
-Donald Dione
-Olivia Lattanzi
-Madelyn Milsark
-Bailey Sostek
-Kylie Sullivan
-Collin Touchette

Alumni Mailing List

Missing out on Rho Kappa events? Drop ayo@wpi.edu a line and ask to be put on the AYO News mailing list.

Upcoming Events

Date Time Event Information
November 18, 19, 20 7:00 pm Performance HUA and Masque present: Proof
December 8 7:00 pm Performance Alpha Psi Omega 16th Annual Show in 24 Hours