William Babincsak

A Little About Me

Hello! My name is William Babincsak and I am currently a senior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science. I live in Westminster, Massachusetts, where I have lived all my life. Attending the Academy has been in my mind since I was in third grade, so actually becoming a student here has been like a dream come true. Mathematics has been in my life and molding my brain from the beginning. As a young child, I would (by my own free will) ask my father to ask ME arithmetic problems, and my mother and I would break change with toy money. In eighth grade, frustrated by the lack of math extracurriculars, I started my own club - the Math Club. It wasn’t the most popular, as there weren’t too many public middle school students interested in doing math outside of regular school. But it was all worth it now that I’m here!

HOBY 2019
Nationals 2018