In STEM 1, taught by Dr. Crowthers, students choose a topic in science, engineering, or mathematics that they are passionate about. Over the period of five months, we research the existing literature, develop a research question, engineering need, or mathematical conjecture, and experiment. During February Fair, we present to experienced researchers and field experts, who serve as judges. Students also complete a thesis

Evaluating the Feasibility of an Ensemble Gray Box AI From a Game Theory Perspective

My research is focused on the different types of AI and how they can work together to make models that are both interpretable and accurate. I am approaching this problem by attempting to measure how well different agents are able to communicate. Learning the ways how AI is able to communicate will allow future researchers to focus their efforts when constructing ensemble AI models (models made of more than one AI system).


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Link to Project Proposal

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Researchable Question

How effectively do different classes (black box vs white box) of AI (artificial intelligence) agents communicate in a team based multiplayer strategy game?


A computer simulation will show that teams containing similar classes of AI agents will be able to communicate more effectively and outperform teams with different classes of AI agents.