Humanities is taught by Ms. Small. It is a unique blend of English and History with some soft science sprinkled in. We explore various topics through books, videos, and discussion. We share our thoughts and insights into topics through both individual and group projects. Humanities offers students a wide perspective on the world while attempting to answer the question "What does it mean to be human?".

Walden Skit

Over the summer, we are assigned to read Walden by Henry David Thoreau. It is a dense book revered by many. In groups, we were assigned to create a skit related in some way to the book. During our trip to Bournedale, we presented our skits. Everyone created very creative and entertaining skits. The script to our group's skit is below.

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Satire Analysis Essay

In B-Term, we looked at satirical pieces. Satire is a lot harder than it looks, but is shockingly effective when done correctly. The Satirical Analysis essay was timed and written in class. I chose to look at the article Dihydrogen Monoxide and how rhetorical devices are used to satirize sensationalist new and those who consume it.

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