Language classes at Mass Academy are taught by Madame Wildfong. We read stories, play games, and do projects to practice reading, speaking, and writing French. I take the Advanced French class, so some prior experience with French is assumed. In all sections of both French and Spanish, students speak only in the target language. I enjoy the immersive language environment.

Language Film

Throughout the second half of the year, we work on our language films. From ideation to plot to storyboard, we navigate the entire filmmaking process while speaking in the target language. I worked with McKenna Childs, Thomas Park, and Shivani Parmar on this project. Click here to see the finished product!

Listening Log

A listening log is weekly assignment for all advanced language students. Every week, we listen to some media in the target language (audiobooks, movies, songs, etc.) and provide a brief description of what we listened to. Below is my A-Term Listening Log. I often watched episodes of TV Shows with my sister (she read the subtitles).

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French Recipe

We also had an assignment in which we had to follow a recipe for a French dish and bring it in to school. I chose to make a Cherry Tomato Tatin. Click here to see the recipe I used. I took photos while making the recipe and presented the slideshow below in class. We had a wide variety of tasty French foods (many deserts) to sample during lunch time. It was a memorable experience.

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