Class Description

Spanish is a class taught by Mrs. Wildfong here at Mass Academy. The class is an immersion base course that emphasizes improving proficiency through repeated practice and participation. Class discussions are supplemented with readings, media, projects, and games. Grammar is also addressed, typically in the for of quick worsheets and very short quizzes. Students are assessed on progress.

Spanish Memes

In Spanish, one of my favorite assignments this year was the meme contest. Each year, juniors work to create memes in their target language. These memes are then hung up on a bulletin board in the hallway each week. Having a meme that is hung up is a glorious achievement, one that I have yet to have the honor of having. However, I am still on the lookout. Down below are three memes I created in my target language: Spanish. The first meme refers to my STEM project, and the dog is saying “everything is fine” while the room around him burns. The second meme is of the iconic Bernie Sanders image and says “when I am in physics class.” It refers to the cold temperature in physics. Finally, the third meme is also about physics, and says “when physics class starts in 5 seconds.” Mr. Ellis typically locks the door when class starts, so it’s always a hustle when there’s not much time left. This assignment was fun, and a great way to transition back into work from October break. All of these memes were made using Canva.

Cuento de Niñez

To practice the imperfect and preterite tenses in Spanish class, we were required to write a story about our childhood. I chose to write about the first time I went kayaking, which ended in disaster. As an overall summary, the summer before my freshman year I went on a camping trip with friends. There was a large lake, and we were explicitly told about how dirty the lake was. Low and behold, a few hours later I found myself in the water as the kayak I was in capsized. In hindsight, it was hilarious, but I don’t think I have ever panicked as much as I did on that day. Overall, the assignment was a good opportunity to improve my grammar and practice using my repository of vocabulary.