Class Description

Physics is taught by Mr. Ellis here at Mass Academy. Physics is an algebra and calculus based course that explores many topics in physics, including but not limited to mechanics, electricity, and magnetism. These topics are explored in the form of notes, problems, tests, and labs. The class places an emphasis on good problem solving and organization.

UBER Rocket

I think every student across the country should have to complete the UBER Rocket lab. The problem itself wasn’t particularly difficult. It was a standard projectile problem with the addition of a parachute which changed the trajectory of the object. There was an algebra and calculus section of the problem, and different variables were provided to each student. I chose to complete the algebra section. What was truly frustrating, in my opinion, was the writeup. Prior to the assignment, I had no experience with Microsoft Word, so formatting was a challenge. It took hours just to make sure everything fit on two pages, and although it may appear simple, it sure didn’t feel so to me. However, the struggles I overcame during this assignment greatly helped me on UBER pulley, and I’m glad I took the time to learn the ropes. Returning to my opening statement, since Word is so prevalent across the nation, I think this assignment could be an effective tool to teach skills while preparing students for the expectations of college lab work.

UBER Pulley

UBER Pulley was a lab that we completed for the forces unit. It was a multi-stage problem that incorporated pieces of ramps, pulleys, projectile motion, and 1-D motion. Similarly to UBER Rocket, there was an algebra and a calculus section, and each student was provided a different set of variables. Overall, I felt the problem was enjoyable. Solving each stage felt like piecing together a puzzle, and finding the right answer was very rewarding, Unlike UBER Rocket, however, doing the writeup on Word was a much more relaxing experience. In fact, I consciously chose to do the write-up for extra credit, since I wanted to test if I retained what I learned from UBER Pulley. It was definitely worth the effort.