World Language is taught by Mrs. Wildfong. In Advanced Spanish, we engage our peers entirely in the target language. Instead of simply focusing on grammar rules, we discuss fun stories, learn about many cultural elements of Spanish-speaking countries, and do projects such as movies and in class essays. Outside of school, we maintain a list of new words and complete a log of media in our target language.

Childhood Essay

Instead of completing tests to improve our fluidity and sentence structure, we refine our skills by writing. Most writing is done outside of school for either long-term projects or small assignments. The prompt for this essay was to write about an experience in one’s childhood. Not only did this prompt allow me to re-explore my childhood experiences, it helped my class and I improve our skills for writing in the past tense. Enjoy my recounting of all of my childhood shenanigans.

Listening Logs

Listening logs are another way that we can learn more about the modern culture of Spanish-speaking countries and have fun while improving our Spanish skills. Every week, we listen or watch at least two pieces of media outside of school. During A-term, I would listen to Spanish pop songs and watch movies on Netflix such as “Como caido del cielo”, a story in which a famous singer is reborn as his doppelganger after being stuck in limbo. During B-term I listened to podcasts from Duolingo. Not only did these podcasts help me keep with with conversations held in Spanish, but it also allowed me to learn about the rich history, food, and culture of Spanish-speaking countries.