Humanities is taught by Ms. Small. In this discussion-based class, we apply our knowledge of current events to primary sources from authors and poets around the world during many time periods. Instead of reading books and articles from one time period or country, we broaden our perspective and focus on ideas relevant to today and our current society. We talk analyze and provide our own insights to class topics, whether through class essays, skits, projects, or presentations. Our topics include satire, immigration, and the role of cultural in America. What does it mean to be human?

Education Essay

The education essay question was an open-ended assignment that allowed us to reflect on a series of articles and essays about the American education system. I chose to write about how stereotypes, especially towards race and gender, not only affect a child’s mental health, but also their performance in school as a a whole. “Would a child thrive in an environment where they are expected to act a certain way simply because of their background”?

Satire Project

Another thing unique about this course is that we are given the opportunity to compose our own works, rather than simply analyze the works of others. We were tasked to write our own piece of satire in pairs. My partner, Jenny Shaughnessy, and I chose to write about CollegeBoard's practices and programs. It was really fun pretending that we were messengers with an… interesting proposal! Watch our presentation here!