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Vaishnavi's Website

My name is Vaishnavi Harish, and I am a senior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science. Enjoy exploring my website!

Hey! I'm Vaishnavi. I currently live in Ashland, Massachusetts!

I began my journey at MAMS as a junior, learning and developing unique skills in the classroom, making friends and partners, and forming a community! Please look around to learn more about my Mass Academy experience!

As a part of my senior year at WPI, I'm taking courses in calculus, BME, biotechnology, chemistry, electrical engineering, and writing.


aka things im not great at but love anyway


I’ve always loved to draw, paint, make arts and crafts… basically if I could create something with my imagination and my hands I instantly became attached. At first I just sketched with a pencil and paper before switching to digital art and alcohol markers. Drawing is a great way for me to de-stress after a long day, and drawing even just a small doodle once in a while is a great way to improve. Even if I never attended drawing competitions past the 5th grade, I still find it a valuable skill to have.

A drawing of a boy with many ear piercings and a white mohawk.

Music and Composition

While I love learning new pieces to play on the piano, sometimes I feel like creating my own stuff! I use Musescore to bring the music I make to life. Here are some WIPs!

The first piece is called Mist, and the second Legendary.


My interest in art and design led to my interest in architecture. I reached out to a MIT graduate and professor, who was working on achieving low cost concrete housing methods, to learn about his career as an architect. I also took an online three week architecture course from UMass Amherst, where I learned about rectilinear design, physical modeling with chip board, creating parti models, creating a photomontage using Adobe products, and creating a portfolio using Adobe Indesign. I was also introduced to CAD software through Rhino 7 CAD classes during the program.

Three photos showing my studies in two point perspective art, one of which contains my rectilinear model design.
An image of my Adobe Indesign portfolio, which includes a picture of my digital and physical parti model.
A digital model of my parti model, which is a rectangular structure with a triangular protruding roof.