Math Modeling

Juniors at Mass Academy all take a math course called Math Modeling. In this class we encounter problems requiring different mathematical concepts including modular arithmetic, polymetric equation, statistics, binomial expansions, and trigonometry. Collaboration is encouraged, and students are constantly teaching new concepts to each other during and outside of class. We have many group projects where we take on complex problems involving new mathematical concepts.

Epsilon School

In the Epsilon School problem, a school functions in a way where new students were enrolled beginning their sophomore year, had some drop outs throughout the years, and had a specific average percent of the initial class that ended up graduating. Different groups in our class had to decide on a fair allocation of teachers to each course after a new school year begins based on the course enrollments for each grade, current number of teachers for each course, and the population of the incoming sophomore class.


HiMCM is a highschool math modeling competition. We were given two current issues to choose from, and in groups, created multiple models in order to find a potential solution to the problem. My group chose to work on a problem concerning carbon emissions and when they would cause Earth to be an unsafe enviroment, since we were all familiar with the different factors that cause high carbon emissions. The competition lasted two days, and groups generally spent all of their time working on the problem with occasional breaks. Our formal solution was in the form of a document including an introduction to the problem and our work.