Computer Science

CompSci, standing for computer science, is a class where we learn different coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and Java. We work with our peers each day to make codes for different situations or problems in a software called eclipse.

Credit Card Number Check

An interesting code I have written so far is a code that determines whether or not the user’s credit card number is valid, but following the specific patterns followed for every credit card number.

Magic Square

Another fun code is Magic Square. For this assignment, I needed to write the code to create a n by n square, where the sum of each row, column and diagonal was the same. The class was given a general formula for creating magic squares, and just needed to apply that formula in code. These squares are created by adding digits starting from 1 to n to a n by n square, beginning from the middle column of the bottom row. Each subsequent digit is placed one row to the right and one column down from the previous digit. If a spot is already taken, the digit is placed above that digit.

Apps for Good

During the last few months of school, students at MAMS participate in the Apps for Good project, where we design and create an App to target an issue in a community. My group, consisting of Peter Liang, Tarun Eswar and myself created a carpooling app to help people such as students at MAMS coordinate their carpools to and from school, since with students from varying parts of Massachusetts, coordination takes much time and organization. We believed that to organize carpools for its users would make carpooling much more efficient. Our MVP, or most viable product for our app was to coordinate the carpools for the user, determine the pickup location of the carpool, and provide status updates for the members of the carpool. Other features implemented include a map view, a registration page, as well as the ability to invite others to your carpool group via email.